Master Bathroom

My latest project is to update my master bathroom like the photo below:

This is how my version of the bathroom turned out:

The paint is Graham Cracker from Dunn Edwards. The crown molding ledge is from Pottery Barn. The candle sticks, frames and picture are from Home Goods. The towels and hooks are from Target. Below is another view of the bathroom.

I also updated my shelves for a cleaner look:

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66 thoughts on “Master Bathroom

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  2. Just a question, you said the hooks and towels are from target, is the wood that the hooks are on from target as well or is that wood you painted? i have been trying to recreate the top picture too! and i can’t find a good towel rack that i love!

    • The towel rack, including the wood and hooks, is from Target. It came as one piece, exactly as seen in the photo. I hope you can find it. I had to ask a sales associate to help me locate it in the store. Good luck!

  3. Do you have any idea where the inspiration photo is from? I’d love to know the paint color used in the original bathroom🙂 great job on yours- my favorite color combo

    • I don’t know where the photo is from, but I was wondering the same thing because my bedroom is painted a color that looks identical to that. It’s called “Oatmeal” and it’s in the Eddie Bauer collection of Valspar Signature (from Lowes).

  4. I love this as well. I found the shelf at Pottery Barn, too, but really like the oil-rubbed bronze towel hooks and one that would fit right up under the shelf. Can’t find that anywhere! If anyone knows where i might get one, please let me know; otherwise, I may have to make it myself.

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  8. Thank you for such a great look I have been trying to decide what to do with a same spot in my master bathroom. Great look!

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  37. This a great idea . you give me an idea of updating my towel rack. I have a very small bathroom and don’t have adequate space for several towels. This is fantastic. Thanks a lot

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